Foto de cabecera la espera


To my Little One. 
From this wait that rules my days, I start to believe in this new state: this state of good hope. From this uncertain darkness that surrounds me, I seek that sparkle, that first sparkle, where everything is unexpected and where the new becomes hopeful, drawing smiles that assault me at any moment.  This state of hope that fills everything, that gives meaning to all and at the same time fills me with questions and fears. This wait that fills my eyes with tears filled with dreams and life. Hopeful, yes; here I stay.

In between the sway of events, someplace inside me I think of you, I dream of you, I desire you. Patiently; and at the same time I am desperate to hear from you: the biggest mystery, the most perfect miracle…My precious gift, my first sparkle, where everything is unexpected, where everything is new, where the greatest is the smallest… Yes, here I wait for you, hopefully.



Choreography and interpretation: Sara Cano
Preexisting Music:  Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds
Original Music (Lullaby):  Antonia Jiménez and Mercedes Cortés
Sound design: Jorge Díaz
Lights design: Manuel Martínez
Lights and sounds: Manuel Martínez
Scenography: Béla Nagy
Costume: Dolores Durán
Photography and graphic design: marcosGpunto
Video: Eva Viera
Production: Sara Cano Compañía de Danza
Production Assistant: David Arrabal
Distribution: Elena Santonja ESMANAGEMENT