AL son en espacio no convencional


"Al Son (NCS)" is the adaptation of "Al Son" for non-conventional spaces.
Starting from tradition, this scenic discourse revolves around the concepts of folklore and feminism, approached through a contemporary lens, marked by the cross-cutting of scenic languages and the search for rupture, to find a distinct narrative. A call for female solidarity, the strength of the collective, and empowerment as tools to eventually forge our own poetic revolution and thus continue the fight towards gender equality, the defense of our rights, and the improvement of our own condition as women.

Women dancing to the beat,
to the beat set by men,
society, history, customs, prejudices...
It's time to dance to our own beat.


Direction and choreography: Sara Cano
Choreography assistance: Verónica Garzón and Begoña Quiñones
Folklore teacher: Javier García Ávila
Percussion teacher: Juan Antonio Torres
Performers: Sara Cano, Yolanda Barrero, Cristina Cazorla, Verónica Garzón, Irene Hernández, Lucía López, Ana del Rey, and Nuria Tena
Original music: Vigüela and Jose Pablo Polo
Text: Sara Cano, based on texts by Marcia Belisarda and traditional songbook
Costume design: Carmen 17 and Dolores Durán
Photography: marcosGpunto
Video: Ana Verastegui
Production: Sara Cano Dance Company
Management: Elena Santonja ES Management